SOULEYE is a rapper whose music is as varied and winding as the path that has taken him from the backwoods of Massachusetts to the top of Mount Shasta. A multi-genre master, his music transcends genre, blending elements of hip hop, electronic, R & B, soul, and trip-hop. His music is a fresh, uplifting addition to rap.

Photography courtesy of Dennys Ilic.


"Souleye is crafting a conscious hip hop sound out of the west coast focusing on positivity and optimism..."

                          - Tracks For Days


"The single 'Follow Your Heart' from...WildMan is nothing short of an exhilarating and energizing breath of fresh air."

- Stereo Stickman


"Souleye continues to be one of the most entertaining emcees out there in the scene today."

- Sleeping Bag Studios


Souleye has been featured on Yahoo! Music, Daily Mail, This is 50, Underground Hip Hop, the Huffington Post, and more. Read more about his musical journey and where he's headed next.